How to transform evaluation findings into infographics

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Transforming evaluation findings into infographics

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I wrote recently on using infographics for evaluation – and just recently I came across an excellent post  from Joitske Hulsebosch on the BetterEvaluation blog  on how to transform evaluation findings into infographics – also providing some hints on software you can use yourself. And l love this – an inforgraphic from Elissa Schloesser on how to create infographics! (click on it to see it bigger).

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strong! you or the other in me!

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You have access in my bone and existential structure.[…] Which means you are inside of me in a way no one is or shall ever be. Don’t ask me how I know that. My senses belong passionately to you; you are in me as the relaxing shower drops touch gently my skin; you are in me as the sea waves echo when they crush the beach rocks. You are in me when I lie – as I do now- in bed, paralyzed by the sluggish, dull rhythm of life. You are the air in me delightfully nourishing my small brain, so crammed with unusual perplexities.You are in me like a stillborn pain refusing to be washed off. You are in me like the sun’s spots of quivering light merged with whirling blood and flesh. You are in me in these supposed to be “poetical” corny lines. And I know it…

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Four challenges and opportunities for communicating evaluation findings

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simple to read but rich in information and practical suggestions!

Originally posted on intelligent measurement:

I’m currently in Uganda where I’ve been conducting a workshop on “communicating evaluation findings effectively” as part of the GIZ project on Evaluation Capacity Development in Uganda.

I also made a presentation  for the Uganda Evaluation Association as part of their Kampala Evaluation Talk series, focusing on “Four challenges and opportunities to communicating evaluation finding” which can be seen below.

Thanks to the participants of both the workshop and the talk for their enthusiasm and interest!

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A look at Boko Haram’s financing

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Originally posted on Money Jihad:

Boko Haram has enough money to buy its own artillery now according to Voice of America. Analysts interviewed by VOA said there probably isn’t enough funding within Nigeria for buying heavy weapons, indicating that much of Boko Haram’s funding comes from abroad. Several revenue sources were named:

Foreign sources

  • West African piracy
  • Drug smuggling
  • Unrest from the Arab Spring has created and weapons trafficking “highway” to Nigeria

Domestic sources

  • Bank robberies
  • Stealing from the Nigerian military

In addition to the Boko Haram bank robberies, previous Money Jihad coverage has shown that zakat has been funneled by Boko Haram supporters through Nigerian banks to fund terrorist operations.

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Readings and Reflections -26th Sunday ordinary time – on Sin and Death


Noel A Ihebuzor

The readings today deal with sin and its consequences, the first reading in particular. Sin leads to death. Iniquity leads to death, some slow on-set, some instant and some others gradual, and yet some others death by increment and accretion, often times invisible to the eye. And by death here, I mean death in its several forms – physical, emotional, spiritual, economic social and communal death. There is also the death of the conscience, a death that then unleashes other forms of deaths and which spawns unimaginable deviance. Sin and vice in whatever form lead to destruction, decay and death. In communities, they lead to a decline in social capital, the destruction of bonds, the extinction of trust, the erosion of values and the suffocation of good sense, decency, equity and balance. Bad becomes good, good is mocked at and derided, social pressure draws more converts to evil, evil is praised and sin and its proceeds are celebrated.  Man, “homo superbus” reaches for the dial on the control box and dims the voice of God, snuffs out the light of truth and puts shades on the candle of love. The voices of victims of violence and violations are choked, the innocent are injured by the mighty and impunity is unleashed and struts around a demoralized world.  Look around you for proofs of these very broad statements that I have made. The wages of sin is death. Whilst sin is a violation of God’s statutes, its immediate consequences are always social and are felt in the here and now in this material earth. For every sin, there is a spiritual loss followed by a socio-economic debit. When you sin you offend God and hurt man.

Righteousness redeems a nation and a people. It leads to life. Righteousness is simple. It simply consists in knowing God and in living His living and life giving words. The sinner who renounces his/her life of sin, of cruelty, of stealing, of lying, of defaming, of distorting, of purveying partial truths, and packaging opinions to the unwary as if these were truths and returns to God is readmitted to God’s favors and God’s love and to Life. But this return, repentance and reconciliation must go beyond theatrics and verbal display. Words accompanied by action, action driven by the spirit of God and His laws. Love God, Love your neighbor. If you love God, you will not break His commandments. If you love your neighbor, you would not cheat him/her, you would not tell lies against him/her. If you love God, you would not commit idolatry. Demoting God from the top of your value system is a form of idolatry. Putting money and power at the pinnacle of your value system is a form of idolatry as these become your new gods. These new gods lead you to all forms of aberrant and emptying behaviors – they lead you to things like election rigging, graft, rent seeking behavior, cronyism, grabbing public assets, false declarations, looting, importing sub-standard items, free-riding behavior, contract inflation, unprofessional project monitoring/evaluation, biased audits, skewed and dishonest Op-Eds etc. Let me give a very trivial example concerning love of neighbor – If you love neighbor, you will not drive in such a manner as to push him or her off the road, but most of us who come to public podiums to sound off on the ills of society do this on end! When last were you polite to the other road user? If you loved your neighbor, you would demonstrate courteous road behavior. In the work place, you would be polite and fair to all your staff, you would deal with an even hand with all. The second reading contains a listing of attributes that conduce to a life free from sin – humility, kindness, compassion, mercy, saying no to selfishness, resisting vainglory behavior and recognizing the needs and the rights of others.

Christ reminds us in very strong words of the need for a return to God in word, in truth and in action. His strong words underlie the importance of true repentance. The truly repentant reap the rewards of paradise. Let this assurance challenge and drive us to turn away from the evils and iniquities of this world.  Let it challenge us to reject the false and cheap values of the devil and to embrace the eternal and life giving values and laws of God, the summary of which are – the discipline and mastery of self based on and driven by a love of God and neighbor.  May we set about achieving this critical, live saving and spiritually elevating behavior change from this Sunday – and may God’s spirit guide, strengthen and animate us in this venture, Amen!

Guardian Angel

Noel Ihebuzor:

Brotherly affection and protectiveness carried a bit too far!
Disturbing tale, but still Rx!

Originally posted on naijawriter:

I told her not to marry him but it was like talking to an electric train. Her mind was made up, my words were a waste.

I listened in disbelief as my twenty-one year old sister begged me to remember her “biological clock was ticking.”

I marvelled as she bade me to reconsider, because “all her mates were married.”

I gasped when she declared that I should get used to it, she was marrying Leo with or without my blessing. Kponkwem.

As I listened to her, lava coursed through my veins. I was angry, livid even, but I wasn’t sure who my ire was for.

Part of it was for a society that made Diana think marriage was a trophy; a 50 metre sprint where the fastest women got medals and flowers instead of a gruelling marathon-relay where your partner’s skill and commitment was as important as endurance, focus and…

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25th Sunday in Ordinary time – my cut-aways from today’s readings in the Catholic liturgy


Noel A Ihebuzor

Today’s reading from the catholic liturgy are rich and deal essentially with God’s love and the injunction that we should all seekthe Lord now. Permit me to share my cut aways from these readings with you. The messages are simple and and the commands do-able in our crowded world. All we need really is to make out time and open our hearts to these simple messages.

Let us seek the lord, now and always.

Let us seek now that He may be found

Let us seek the Lord now that we have time.

Time waits for nobody.

Seek God today! Call God today! He is near to all who call on Him.

There is an appointed time for everything under the heavens.

This is our time to seek the Lord.

God is generous in mercy and compassion.

Our life today is proof of God’s love, mercy, protection and compassion.

God is slow to anger and full of great kindness.

(I can testify to God’s unfailing kindness – Four weeks ago, there was a fire accident in my home in Abuja. In my depths and in my sinfulness, I called to God. He heard me. He hastened to my rescue. He rescued my son from death. Two days ago, two of his siblings, mummy and myself “escorted” the boy to commence his degree studies in the UK, 96% healed. God is good indeed. Call Him. I called Him. He answered. He always answers. He will answer you.)

God’s mercy and compassion are beyond human understanding

God’s mercy and economics defy human logic.

The parable of the workers’ wages overflows with an overpowering logic of equity and fairness

The simplicity of God’s logic and economics contains deep truths.

God’s love economy is driven by deeper eternal and liberating principles

God’s love economy is suffused by constancy, consistency, timelessness and universality.

Some humans would want to impose limited human logic on God.

We must never be envious because God is generous.

To live like God is gain even when it feels like pain

All the works of God and His logic are holy and “correct”

Let us imitate God today in fairness, in compassion, in love and in generosity.

Let us magnify God and spread His core message of Love.

Let us fly the tricolor of Faith, Hope and Charity in all our actions.

Happy Sunday – Noel

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