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Noel Ihebuzor:

Lenses, prisms and prisons!

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This is the day the newly established homeless man stripped down to his underwear in the laundry mat and pleaded with the children to stop laughing at him because it was all he had and at least he kept it clean…

This is for my nervousness when I see a shuffled haired white man in the post office with a large duffel bag…
This is me realizing this is how white women must feel when she passes a black man on the street…

This smile is for the day my nephew put his new football on the phone for me to talk to it
then left the room
This is me imagining what his 11 month old sister thought when she walked in the room and had to choose between a football or a telephone yelling her name…

This is in spite of my prayers for love I think he’s…

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The BEST writing advice I ever received!

Noel Ihebuzor:

Let wisdom, evidence and responsibility guide raw energy and passion in writing.

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Grandmama knew God

Noel Ihebuzor:

Remembering…sweet nostalgia.

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I’m remembering when God let neighbors smack your hand for stealing
when God had you squealin’ cause Grandmama pinched you under the armpit
Sit still in church / Cross your legs / is what she told you the first four times

Grandmama knew all that and more!
I’m remembering God being there
Broke ankle / sprained back / cracked finger bone / car wreck
stealing hearts
She would whisper, “thank you God, you’re still here”

I remember
when I found homemade hooch in the cellar
and decided to take a sip or two
God was there / so Grandmama knew!
she washed it down with a capful of castor oil
I never did that again.

Grandmama knew God
I remember.

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for daughters and mothers

Noel Ihebuzor:

Great piece. A must read for all women!

Originally posted on Nikki Skies :

For daughters who hate mothers for
not being Grandma
For mothers who hate daughters
Cause she thinks she know it all
If only they’d not played with baby dolls
maybe both wouldn’t be disappointed
with Reality.

This is for the daughters from mothers
Who are now mothers of daughters
That meet at the shore of unforgiving
whose hearts are prematurely laid to rest
Tomb stone reading.. fear

This is for mothers who hate daughters for being just like them
This is for daughters who hate mothers for not teaching them any better
For mothers with old tricks that no longer separate the sun from recycled patio air
For daughters with paper doll necks held upright with duct taped thoughts of suicide
both parked on one way streets without life’s permission to do so
…faces marked hourly with tears

This is for way too tired mothers
Who have true dreams of…

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Noel Ihebuzor
Truth looks on

darts in her eyes

impressed by our eloquence
bemused by our biases
irked by our piteous arguments
puny, puerile
rankled raw by our ragged rationalisations
still she remains silent
silent but sad as again
she recalls the deafness
of a world people by vain mortals
sorrowful, yet hopeful,
she surveys our clumsy
sheep led by gain gaits
our eyes fixed on stash
vision lulled and dulled
by the lure of lucre
as all logic is locked away
facts blended by simple reason
is now branded as sinful treason

Ikhide loves Pablo Neruda

Noel Ihebuzor:

Ikhide at his irrepressible best!

Originally posted on Ikhide:

Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart is the most romantic novel ever in the history of mankind. Tears run down my cheeks whenever I remember the only love scene in the book. It lasted exactly 30 seconds from when Okonkwo swept his bride onto his arms to the glorious end when he growled, “Oya go cook peppersoup or I will use your skull to drink palmwine!” Achebe’s famous words are engraved in the canon of great literature: “Even in those days, Okonkwo was a man of few words.”

That was before the white man came with his wahala, declaring African men savages because they don’t coo “I love you!” to their wives. In Chukwuemeka Ike’s The Potter’s Wheel the character Obu declares his love for Margaret by giving her six plump sautéed delicacies he had caught under a lamp post. They were thoughtfully wrapped in the sports section of the Daily…

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Ramblings and Jottings on Corruption


Noel Ihebuzor

I scribbled these ramblings and jottings on corruption way back in 2012 and published them on my other blog. A reading and review of these jottings now acquire an enhanced relevance given that the incoming Buhari administration was part marketed to the Nigerian electorate using the fight against corruption as a sound byte. Administrations can only combat what they understand – and understanding presupposes sound problem conceptualization and adequate causality analysis. The hope is that a reading of these ramblings and jottings will prompt such. It is also hoped that they will set the nation on a course of action to correctly and sustainably tackle corruption, a course of action that would involve a blend of preventive, punitive and corrective measures. Populist approaches (high drama, handcuffs and histrionics) to tackling corruption are very attractive and the photo and media pecks they bring are numerous but such approaches are hardly ever sustainable. Sustainable approaches involve the judicious blend of environmental control, internal controls, incentives, deterrence, sanctions, positive deviance and behaviour change. We hope that policy makers and corruption fighters will read these ramblings and jottings, reflect on them and apply the useful ones in their fight against corruption. Goodluck!

PS/ In a related reading on this blog, I discuss the need for fast but fair prosecution of corruption cases. In a number of situations, the failure of the judiciary to achieve this is a major inhibitor to the effective fight against corruption.

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