Elnathan’s song: Born into a war on a boiling Tuesday

Noel Ihebuzor:

Ikhide does a comprehensive review insightful, teasing and appetising.

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“Let your women study,’ Sheikh said, ‘and let them vote. Let them learn how to read. The wives of Christians read and write and our wives cannot even read the Quran. There is no sin if a man accompanies his wives to go and queue up to register or to vote.”

– Born on a Tuesday, Elnathan John p116

The writer Elnathan John is something of a celebrity renegade in the African literary scene. He rules the waves on social media, this eccentric and eclectic Twitter Overlord who sits perched on an imaginary throne, dispensing carefully crafted snarky but profound tweets that throb and seethe with controlled rage and truth, tweets that often develop lives of their own in the re-tweeting and re-telling, as they utilize the magic of the multiplier effect to replicate and go viral in infinite directions. Elnathan could probably make a nice living by allowing ads on his…

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Avoiding corrupting practices in anti-corruption campaigns


Noel Ihebuzor

Anti-corruption rhetoric and dramatics are now very popular in Nigeria. I totally support campaigns to rid this country of corruption but I also insist that such campaigns must carried with the right level of professionalism, detachment, neutrality, integrity and honesty. Anything short of these is plain dishonest. Anything short of these really amounts to the continued enthronement and celebration of corruption in efforts to combat it. where anti-corruption are not neutral, detached and honest, then they are likely to abuse their powers and influences, applying inconsistent rules and procedures in their treatment of persons and agencies. Double standards also represent critical threats to anti-corruption campaigns as they throw up different evaluations and reactions for the same behaviour. Such practices, where they occur, amount to corruption!

Here are a few reflections on this subject matter.

  • Double standards are outcomes of corrupt thinking. A nation of double standards will thus remain corrupt.
  • You cannot have one set of scales for persons in one party & another for persons in the other. Such a habit results from a corrupt mind set.
  • If you practice selective hysteria for allegations of corruption against persons in one party, then your mind is gradually being corrupted.
  • If you practice selective targeting in your campaigns against corruption, then your campaign is already steeped in corruption.
  • Anti-corruption practices must be fair. They must be conducted without any trace of favoritism or fear. Fail to do these and the campaign fails
  • To be credible, anti-corruptions must be consistent, even handed and transparent. They must be devoid of all forms of double standards.

@toyosilagos Reviews #SectorIV

Source: @toyosilagos Reviews #SectorIV

Joyce Odukoya: #SectorIV Review

Noel Ihebuzor:

Brilliant review by a very bright mind!

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SectorIV is a treat for lovers of fictional historical romance. It takes place during the Biafran war in a village called Nchara in present day South East Nigeria. The book explores various themes which resonate with the reader including love and sacrifice, loveless marriages, childlessness, self-preservation and vanity as downfall.

SectorIV adopts a unique style as it is written in present tense. This brings the book alive and keeps the reader actively engaged with the story.  I particularly liked the names of the four parts of the book (Revelation, Exodus, Chronicles and Genesis) which I thought captured the content of each part very well.

The characters in the book speak to you and are relatable and the writer ensures that the characters have a story within the story.

The best thing about SectorIV is its unpredictability. The writer makes it quite difficult to second guess what happens in the book…

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A song to the carnage on our roads


Noel Ihebuzor

Dead vehicles
death trucks, worn,

worn out carriages
running like out of breath

breathless, brakeless bulls
Dead dying traps recycled,
running, trapped on death traps
pitted, pitiless,
groves worn
bald tyres on tired bald roads
crater laden, pot bellied pot holes
weeping uneven surfaces
where contraptions,
whipped, harried and hurried
by death wishing twitching
death defying
handlers bundle
the living to early departures
leaving wails,
twisted wheels, weeping metal
and tangled weals
of sorrow behind

When Body and Beauty fade


Noel Ihebuzor

Prompted by a poem by Nomzi Kumalo

Peel away all
layer by layer
strip bare, bare
the peripherals
to the till of the core!

Can you hear the core still hum
do you feel the peal of the core
in the still of new time
– if YES, then it was worth it all!

Revealing Unravellings


Noel Ihebuzor 



 Fanciful filas

cover crowns filled with fetid

filth, sleaze, rot and scum

and we watched

and we lauded

and as we wowed

Runts grew big

guzzled funds like pigs 

in hot rut

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