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In Quiet places is the Lord to be found….in and with true faith is His presence felt

God was not in the thunder, he was not in the noise, nor in all the razmataz…, He was in the calm whisper of the gentle breeze! Message? Our God is around us and if we find Him not, it is because we are because we are looking for Him in the wrong places and looking for wrong signs of His presence.

He is to beheld in and with and through faith. Peter did and walked on water. When he allowed his faith to desert him, he started to sink.

May genuine faith that finds expression in simple acts and in moments of reflective silence be ours today and always.

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A song for Susan

Noel Ihebuzor

Something touches a key.

The touched key comes alive and moves,

humming stroking and caressing,


Soon, it blends notes and nuances,

nudges other senses to move and dance,

like alija, like nubile hips stirrred by ngelenge,


suddenly the soft shadows of a new song emerge,

fleeting inchoate,

some gentle touch by the potter,

and the new song explodes,


reason, rhythm and rhyme join hands

skipping along, spraying flowers,

red roses sing along

softliest and are heard most,


purple hibiscus, furl and unfurl,

hum shyly and wave

Rosemaries, Queens of the night

Explode and lather the awakened day


The aroused frame

whetted ears and noses aflame

with message laden bouquets


dripping deep messages,carousing

that caress our aroused eyes and ears –

with the beauty of Susan’s Poetry,

coated in the dazzling polysemy of an engaged voice.


****This is a piece I scribbled for Susan Daniels, my duet partner on Feb 15, 2013. Saw it in my archives this morning. Long may she live. Long may her poetry flourish!

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The Winning Mind

The mind that wills will win

willing is the wheel of winning

The mind that wills wilts not

weaning itself away from the whims of mere wishing

it conceives, believes,

engages and achieves

A mind that wins wills.


Imaginative, driven

fired by belief and faith

it aligns itself to

the wheel and will of the maker,

to the  wisdom of the creator

who lights  the path, the rivers,

the hills and valleys through

which we all transient wayfarers trudge and  journey

the winning mind wills itself to wade through

highs and lows

morally high, like Kant

avoiding cant and can’t

to win a crown

in the end,

at the two ends

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A song of Faith and Hope

By Noel Ihebuzor

When you find yourself before the day, a day 

darkened by crisis

your road blocked by obstacles, slippery and forbidding

…blinding and obstructing

the path of faith

will lead us to the fair and feast

of supreme joy

that God prepares for us.


Be confident

No need for despair

Believe in His cross of wood


Even if sleepless night blight your path

Even if ferocious dogs bark loud

And cold freezes your soul

And warm bitter tears of despair

prepare to unleash with the force of a tsunami

and anguish inundates and threatens to wash you away


Even if the terrors of the night seek to drown you

as they frighten your dreams soaking them in clammy sweat

even if the world threatens to fall apart

and suck you in and under

be confident child of faith

stand up, child

say No, and kick back the incipient despair

re-conceive your savior

your king, his laws, so simple

faith, hope and charity

be strong and steadfast and believe

be steadfast and re-launch yourself

upright on his path

your eyes fixed on heavenly things

contemplate his light that illuminates

in the rays of the sun

His reassuring caress in the soft smile of the moon

the shining stars his priceless pearls


Behold His glory, drink from the endless bounty of the joy

He freely bestows, without limits, across and beyond borders,

Without equal

on this day born of faith

this joyous day of Easter and for always

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