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Living is loving and learning


Noel Ihebuzor


Living is loving, is leaving and
is learnng
from our falls
from our risks,
full of leaks,
from our hopes
which the snarer
the abuser, uses
as dope
to rope us in,
unwitting accomplices
to confuse,
to reduce, misuse
and abuse us

Soon we learn
from our pain,
our enduring gain

Hurt, wiser
we pray,
we strain
to live and love
and not fall or fail
or be fooled again

we step out
to live and love
fresh protective foliages
wrapped around our tender parts
screen protectors
for our fragile feelings,
from smashing
from fleecing
in the maddening den
where to live is to love
to love is to hope
and to hope is to risk
and risk is either
win or lose, even though

sometimes the choices
are between
empty, half full and full

between fleeing,
and falling
or all
or none
of the above

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Measuring a smile


Noel Ihebuzor

How do you measure a smile?
Some would say weight,
But wait, what scales measure
lines on a face?

Some would say length
a smile a mile short would
mean more than one a metre long – let emojis tell us then,
but these speak not!

Nay, no!
A smile is the stretch of lips,
the curve of the mouth,
the sparkle of the eyes,
where the head
unveils the mind
and the heart
as both reveal
the unfurling rainbow
the springs of joy
dancing happily within us

Scales cannot, do not
capture nor measure
the colours, the contours
the rhythms, the genuine joys
that release the warming
scented sprays of a smile…..

Not all that makes life
Beautiful can be measured

0810 hours, Ashbury, Manchester