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Heed my need and hide your truth

by Noel Ihebuzor


Hold me strong

So that I vibrate

Hard non-stop

You the same,

but sad I watch your eyes speak

thoughts of another


The facts your

eyes sing differ from mine

the smooth truths

tumbling from

your lips are covers that hide

the truths in your soul


Facts and truths

exist, truths unfurl

change with time

children of

perspectives, emotions and

needs seeking strong stoke


Trying to experiment with Shadorma as a form  – but this is a disaster! Critics, the singer and not the song, or should it be the other way round?

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Monkey come chop banana

Over here, monkeys
like ripe bananas not 
nuts nor hate nutters

first swipe was women
second, children of ex-slaves
third? soon all others?

mouths voice views concealed
by smiles hiding mindsets that
belong to museums

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Haiku – Slum

By Noel Ihebuzor


Souls stuck in a cage,

seething with savage rage, as

hope drifts and minds roast


barren space,

yet lush in crime, grime

running wild


festering red sore

child of  need and greed

slowly choking life

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Seduction – A duet

By Noel Ihebuzor and Susan Daniels

seduction is best when done softly, slowly

and yes, subtly–
to lead entranced
an entrancing partner (not necessarily
all that innocentintent and consent in a closet slightly ajar, and ever opening)
to fascinate, to suggest, but all so quietly
to the point the seduced
owns it as their idea, not yours

when it seeps slowly into anxious fevered body,
when the pores, the ears, the eyes, the lips, all sip it,
inhaling its suggestive velvety boldness like ripe brandy

Armagnac, please;
or perhaps something scented
of late summer; like pear, apple,
blackberry, but intoxicating
and strong, sweetness with heat
swimming into mind and body both

exhaling and uncoiling
in recognition of joint and multiflavored complicity
saluting coyness and salivating and waiting

yes, art.  art spun by two.
a peacock has nothing on us, love,
fanning feathers to dazzle, but that’s all he has.
you bring and I welcome that drunkenness,
that reeling magic we stumble inside

and going with the flow, each new seduction
increasing flush, gush..and rush,
cascades beckoning and willing rowed to

seduction is best when done softly, slowly

*** Just back from a one month vacation where I visited family and friends in the UK and Nigeria. Back to base in Dar, it was fun to get to chat with my duet partner, Susan  and to exchange views on life, literature and living with her. This poem, a duet,  came up in a spontaneous manner during our chat this afternon on facebook, completely unplanned and we agreed to upload as is – hope you like it.  Susan is italicized, and my words are bolded.

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So You wont to write….! A must read. Mind your ribs though!

Trent Lewin



Here it is, in no particular order, although the list is numbered (keep in mind, this is all meant to be sarcastic):

1.  Listen to lots of music while writing.  The rhythm of your words should definitely come from an external source rather than from you.

2.  Drink alcohol, at least two glasses of wine and never less than one glass of scotch, because inspiration originates in a bottle.  Or can.  Or whatever.

3.  Read a multitude of bad writing so that you can feel invincible while also lowering your standards.

4.  Read tons of good writing, so that you can feel crushed under the weight of your literary heroes.

5.  Spend several hours determining the best place for you to write, because in the end, it’s the setting that makes the writer doesn’t it.

6.  Write when you’re most tired and are really dragging it, because tired…

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Juanita During

By Noel A. Ihebuzor

If my tongue does not move to mourn you

it is not that I am now dumb

sorrow like a furnace has dried up the dew

that freshens this soul, now numb

inside me all is dry, parched

save moist eyes from whence sorrow

tumbles down to an earth drenched

in the blood of a suddenly closed tomorrow


Juanita, if you could hear me

broken now, forlorn me

my wooden tongue stuck to my palate, me

throat dried, cracked and broken, me


If you could decode my silent sobbing,

you would sense my inner voice,

linked with a thousand others, hurting

wailing and railing at failed social services

in a continent that is yet to learn to rise and live

mourning a star departed

on the morning before her arrival


***** I got news yesterday PM of  Juanita’s death. Juanita was/is a colleague, friend, soul mate, poet and one with whom I shared several intellectual coffees and visions for inclusive global development. Now, she is gone..and what pains most is that this death could have been avoided! Sleep well, Junaita…Juanitissima as I would tease you! 

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And he fed them, 5000 men not counting woman and children – (gender and child participation were in infancy at that period!)

Labour Campaign for International Development

LCID statement on the Government’s Hunger ‘Summit’

The Prime Minister deserves credit for hosting Sunday’s two-hour long meeting on hunger during the London 2012 Olympics. His and the Vice-President of Brazil’s call for decisive action on malnutrition is one other world leaders should heed if we are to cut by 25 million the number of children affected by stunted growth in time for the next Olympics in Rio in 2016. The initiatives announced by the government yesterday on science and innovation and accountability were also welcome.

But as Save the Children and other agencies have commented, if this commitment is to be met then Cameron must use the G8 presidency next year to go beyond this short meeting and work with other world leaders to fix our broken food system.

And whilst it is welcome that the meeting acknowledged that this is a crisis with complex structural causes, there…

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