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On “good and bad losers” by Noel Ihebuzor

On “good and bad losers” 1
Saturday’s presidential election introduced Nigerians to good losers and bad losers! Bad losers are those who call out inconsistencies in electoral processes and results. Good losers are those who remain silent in the face of gross irregularities, abuse of trust and misuse of power by organs of government.

On “good and bad losers” /2
Good losers acquiesce easily to offers of settlement, economic inducement and cultural pressures. They readily fling principles out of the window as expedience, considerations of personal gain and positioning are their principal decision making drivers; bad losers insist on the enthronement and the supremacy and application of principles of integrity, fairness and justice on all election related processes and decisions!

On “good and bad losers” /3
Good losers cringe readily before the threat of the use of power and force; bad losers recognize the supremacy of a recourse to legal means to resolve election disputes, such a recognition founded on a belief that an uncompromised judiciary is the rampart of all genuine democracies!