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Voice over waves

By Noel Ihebuzor

Voice floating over land and waves

flowing, fluttering, humming 
bearing floral images, scent
fresh mint-rosemary blended,
taste of ripe berries, full juicy
ears gently caressed with
smiles laced with flavor
of melting vanilla essence

voice calm cooling,
oozing mature sweet port like essences

on antennaed ears
soft tenderly touching
across long miles in singing
warming particles,
stirring longings
even longer
and rising
with every drop
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Fizzy Feelings and Fuzzy Physics #1, Waves: A Duet


By Susan Daniels and Noel Ihebuzor

I want to ride this wave
suspended in stroking flow, the way a child
rocks to sleep at night, body remembering
the forward shove, the dragging back

The mind surveys, questions the source
the ends, the purpose and where they end
this timeless travel, unceasing pulling
Constant pushing and tugging

Your mind brushes infinity, reflected
In a wave with no beginning
that never breaks, but meets invisible resistance
and release in reactive crests and peaks;
The raw push forward, still with softness,
Rocking and wrapping everything that swims
within light, inside water, coiled inside sound;
all the patterned peaks and troughs that invite and incite
with throb and force, always present within a wave–
should we resist or should we swim inside its logic

There is a logic to its heaves
the pull of the moon
stirring tides, stirring blood surges and longings
in its genteel stare bewitching

Let it come, let us call it forth–
summon it to strike and shape
the substance of song and sighs;
the drag of magnets siphoning bitterness,
drawing pure substance to pure substance,
energy flowing  forward without resistance.

The waves moving, endless motion,
the to and fro of each wave,
each wave inching deeper and closer
moving us and the world with it

If waves are change, let this one birth a tsunami to crush
and carry away the proud
the assured who stand opposed
but a wave that can with tenderness lift up,
splash and cleanse those
who gently cling at her rolling hems, hide their faces
in her soft skirts

Let us then ride and roll on her foaming wings
as the world rolls and spins
and advances  in its waves of ether
moving always and the world forward

***Trying a little something different here with Susan, my duet partner, in a series where we explore the possible applications and implications of concepts from physics to life, living and feelings.  Susan’svoice is the one italicized, and Mine is the one not.  As always, it was a pleasure to co-create with Susan and to blend my voice with hers!

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Reflections from Coco beach this morning

by Noel Ihebuzor

Just back from my early jog on Coco beach, Oyster Bay and savoring the glow and good feel effect that comes from a good work out. jogging on the beach was great…..the waves sang and beckoned, inviting me to take a dip, a quick splash, in the fresh foaming and singing waters…

my heart,  it took note and longed to and it strained to give heed, encouraged by a residual and slow to evaporate sense of youthfulness….my head, it said “NO”, “Mba mba, mi o gba, keria”…a dozen unfinished businesses and outstanding obligations immediately shot forward, sprang to attention…and as a team surged forward direct into my line of vision, speaking first in low mumbles and then louder and louder, more strident yet soaking my every pore with their clamours and claims …and my head won..and I jogged on…admiring the young and the brave who swam and danced in the surging waves, displaying their six packs and their firm bodies…and hearing their shrills of joy and the song and boasts of the waves as they came in, loud and strong, in their unending motion..the loud sounds and boasts of each wave slowly to be calmed in the embrace of the white soft songs of the beach…

and I jogged on…and then back to the hotel…and now preparing to go present myself before His throne of Grace and ask Him in His mercy and kindness to Control-Alt-Delete all my failings (by omission and/or commission) of the past week and reload and recharge me, renew and refresh me for a new week!