On arrogance

Whosoever came up with these words is wise, whosoever reads, retains and reflects the wisdom in these words is made wiser!

1. ARROGANCE is just insecurity dressed up in a tuxedo trying to make others believe it’s something it’s not.

2. ARROGANCE takes a king from hail to fail… from the crown to the ground… from the throne to alone… but humility increases his name.

3. ARROGANCE is just Idiocy with muscles.

4. ARROGANCE and Ignorance are a lethal combination. It should be illegal for Proud & Dumb to share the same address.

5. ARROGANCE can’t learn, because it thinks it already knows.

6. ARROGANCE in a season of success almost guarantees humiliation in the season that follows.

7. Never let ARROGANCE intimidate you. May it teach you what you should never do.

8. ARROGANCE most times is simply Low Self Esteem in Kingly garment.

9. Confidence is when you think you’re right. ARROGANCE is when you think you’re the only right one.

10. ARROGANCE in attitude is as a result of a deeper stench in the soul.


when we fail to listen, we fail to communicate

“Listen with curiosity. Speak with honesty. Act with integrity. The greatest problem with communication is we don’t listen to understand. We listen to reply. When we listen with curiosity, we don’t listen with the intent to reply. We listen for what’s behind the words

— Roy T. Bennett,

Very true words. Often we listen from an adversarial position, not to learn but to counter, to pick holes and to pounce even on the insignificant flaw, all in our efforts to floor our supposed adversary, a position of folly if you ask me!

Training Partner

wonderful pace, full of suspense, great tale and wonderful ending! Well done @stnaija


She swung her arms as fast as she could and moved her legs to a silent beat. The sun was dipping in the horizon but she had to walk one more block before she went home. She ignored the bemused stares most bystanders gave her and focused on a tree about a hundred feet away. She was almost there when she heard a voice behind her say, “impressive”.

Annoyed, she turned around to meet crinkled grey eyes staring into hers; she ignored them and bent over panting for breathe. She could see his legs: large feet in shiny black canvas, sparkling white socks with black lines, faded denim shorts. She wondered what he wanted but decided not to ask. She had been hoping for a training partner, praying even. He sounded pleasant enough, she guessed he had a degree at least. His clothes were clean and he smelled of a…

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A song for Susan

Noel Ihebuzor

Something touches a key.

The touched key comes alive and moves,

humming stroking and caressing,


Soon, it blends notes and nuances,

nudges other senses to move and dance,

like alija, like nubile hips stirrred by ngelenge,


suddenly the soft shadows of a new song emerge,

fleeting inchoate,

some gentle touch by the potter,

and the new song explodes,


reason, rhythm and rhyme join hands

skipping along, spraying flowers,

red roses sing along

softliest and are heard most,


purple hibiscus, furl and unfurl,

hum shyly and wave

Rosemaries, Queens of the night

Explode and lather the awakened day


The aroused frame

whetted ears and noses aflame

with message laden bouquets


dripping deep messages,carousing

that caress our aroused eyes and ears –

with the beauty of Susan’s Poetry,

coated in the dazzling polysemy of an engaged voice.


****This is a piece I scribbled for Susan Daniels, my duet partner on Feb 15, 2013. Saw it in my archives this morning. Long may she live. Long may her poetry flourish!

BBC News: North Korea: Trump and Kim call each other mad

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

North Korea: Trump and Kim call each other mad – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-41356836

Na wa for wahala.

Evidence matters

All unpalatable facts are lies

Time flies, dry thyme flies

evidence that time and thyme

not only rhyme but co-exist as equal


All contrary evidence in my diction

is fiction

Conviction results from faction

for in faction and through faction

a feather load of fiction and fantasy

weighs twenty times

more than a tonne of RCT facts

Gain lovers

We like omelette but condemn egg shell breaking.

Our hero is Mandela but we want him without the suffering on Robben Island.

Marcus Garvey, Steve Biko, Che, Castro……all our heroes but we condemn any and all who want to walk the rough road they chose to trudge,

We must consider them fools, raving lunatics

Since knowing the consequences of the choices they were making and still made them,

their insanity brought them pains

and give us the gains we now sip in our tall cocktail glasses

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