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Fertile earth-bound imaginations of Heaven


Professor Emmanuel Ejike (fondly called Nwa Emma by all of us his Ogssian classmates

Na waoo!
I love the earth as God’s work.
I love heaven too
When I went there last
Everyone knew what
I was wondering about
It was strange
You communicate by thought
So I returned to earth
Where we communicate
By words
And lie in our thoughts
And lie further by
Our actions
Besides there were no
Churches in heaven
That was grievous
I looked forward to meeting
Popes, Bishops, Cardinals
ELDERS , Apostles , Angels
But Paul and Peter
Came and sat besides
At what appeared to be
Breakfast, but was not
Because there was no night
And said quietly
Get out
You are not yet ready
That is how
I woke up in a hospital bed
With a green cannula on my arm
Later I heard the nurse
Whisper quietly
He is awake now
But do not show
Him the bills
He might relapse
And we would miss
Our next month salary

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Vital Keys To Effective Time Management

good one – brief and to the point, teaches and yet saves time

BCG Consulting - Ormond Rankin

Vital Keys to Effective Time Management

by Ormond Rankin

The concept of “time management” is really a misnomer. There is no such thing as “time management.” Try as you may, you cannot manage or control time – it just keeps on “ticking, ticking, ticking” into the future. However, the one thing you can manage is yourself and where you choose to invest your time.

Time management is really life management. There are loads of books and tapes out there on the subject of time management and I’ve taken the opportunity to read and listen to many of them. So as we turn our focus to managing this thing called “time”, I’ll share a few fundamental strategies that have made the real difference in time management for me and hundreds of others.

We have become a nation of plate spinners. Many of us have become like the clowns we see in…

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