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The Winning Mind

The mind that wills will win

willing is the wheel of winning

The mind that wills wilts not

weaning itself away from the whims of mere wishing

it conceives, believes,

engages and achieves

A mind that wins wills.


Imaginative, driven

fired by belief and faith

it aligns itself to

the wheel and will of the maker,

to the  wisdom of the creator

who lights  the path, the rivers,

the hills and valleys through

which we all transient wayfarers trudge and  journey

the winning mind wills itself to wade through

highs and lows

morally high, like Kant

avoiding cant and can’t

to win a crown

in the end,

at the two ends


Development and policy analyst with a strong interest in the arts and inclusive social change. Dabbles occasionally into poetry and literary criticism!

5 thoughts on “The Winning Mind

      1. Wow–you like Soren K. too? I love this–from “fear and Trembling”

        The poet is the genius of memory, and does nothing but recall what has been done, can do nothing but admire what has been done. He adds nothing of his own, but he is Jealous of what has been entrusted to him. He obeys the choice of his own heart; but once he has found what he has been seeking, he visits every man’s door with his song and with his speech, so that all may admire the hero as he does, and be proud of the hero as he is. This is his achievement, his humble work, this is his faithful service in the house of the hero. If thus, faithful to his love, he battles day and night against the guile of oblivion which wishes to lure the hero from him, then has he accomplished his task, then is he gathered to his hero who loves him as faithfully; for the poet is as it were the hero’s better self, unsubstantial, to be sure, like a mere memory, but also transfigured as is a memory. Therefore shall no one be forgotten who has done great deeds; and even if there be delay, even if the cloud of misunderstanding obscure the hero from our vision, still his lover will come some time; and the more time has passed, the more faithfully will he cleave to him.


  1. monseiur Noel, i am a fan of your blog, ur poems are beyond words, even though u use words to write em.
    The attitude and orientation of the mind is key to the kind of life one lives.

    God bless you for spreading the word


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