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Duet – A song by two voices

By Susan L. Daniels and Noel Ihebuzor


Can I write this
or is this you
breathing in my poetry
& exhaling constellations
as I do yours

Let us write a truth
that resonates
across 2 continents:
of ogene and cymbal,
our voices
braiding organically
some new construct


The song of twin voices twined and intertwined
linked by a bridge of rainbow,
a rainbow that links to an eternal truth
that bonds are color blind and see through blinds
communing across space and tongues with no tongue
sharing messages and vibes even in silence so total soft that feather falls sound like shouting waterfalls

the ogene perfumes the airwaves with lusty melodies
the cymbal charms and caresses aroused ear drums
as the flutist weaves and paints soft echoes of universal amity
feet begin to tap and waists begin to sway
to a spontaneous rhythm that speaks, that bonds, that creates, and announces a bond that baffles space,
time, clime and culture,
the bond and truth of the huge seeds and power of shared creativity that resides in us,
waiting to be released to waiting, warm welcoming spaces


I pipe a melody
on a single pan flute,
and  you answer with full orchestra;
a rainbow ocean of voices blended
I swim within gladly,

a  song
echoed in conch shells
lifted to hungry ears,
or is that
the echo of a pulse
that is eternal,

life’s beat
is the rhythm of this dancing
out feet move inside

what will spring
from this planting
that I accept
in cupped,
trembling hands

& cover
with echoing silence?


The planted seed bursts to life
and a sapling bursts to life
singing unheard melodies as its leaves unfurl,
branches reach out
embracing the open skies
its roots penetrate firm and deep
soon the bewitched seasons conspire
to fast track the season of seeds
the season of sowing
the season of birth
new songs are unleashed,
voices twine and intertwine
combining, creating and co-creating
new rhythms and fresh amities
and fresh rainbow bridges link people,
connect earth and sky,
people, places and spaces,
bodies and kindred souls in bonds of sharing,
bonds that penetrate, interpenetrate,
bonds that sing, hum and creating
warm synergies and energies
outflowing with enrichments
booming, blossoming and blooming
with life and unbounded possibilities
and boundless vistas


Short Intro and context/

 I am sharing a duet I did with my friend, soul mate and fellow blogger, Susan L Daniel who resides in New York.  Across the distances, reaching out on and across that soft span bridge that loops out out each of us and can connect cultures and kindred souls, we sang this duet, spontaneous, with total voice and giving and elan – she in  her soft velvety contralto, me in my ruff gruffy voice that would have made Satchmo sound like a Pavarotti. I sang my last verse at 2345 hours Dar es Salaam time, with a request to Susan as director and inspirer to upload to her blog. She was gracious to do this and even more gracious in asking me to also upload on mine! Et bien Voila!   Enjoy our song, our duet, the child our communiion across cultures, spaces and time.  It was good as we sang it and Susan and I can only hope that as you too sing it with us, that the same warm gentle feeling that enveloped us in those moments of co creation would also be yours to experience!



Development and policy analyst with a strong interest in the arts and inclusive social change. Dabbles occasionally into poetry and literary criticism!

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