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@El Nathan & Manhood Shrinking Feminists

Responding to sexism without being sexist?


You know the type, they send guys manhood shrinking emails and receive manhood shrinking replies from men whose p*nises shrink and they started to shout ‘ She stole my p*nis’ in the market square! El Nathan used the phrase manhood shrinking more than six times in this brilliant piece about loving Ngozi.

Its brilliant satire; sarcastic, tongue in cheek, ironic, cocky. I’m also pretty sure its sexist but then I guess so was Ngozi for calling him ‘boy’ in the first place.  Now that sounds like its manhood shrinking.  And sexist. Yet the entire piece was infused with the eroticism of that second paragraph about cocoyam.  It was smoking with sexual innuendo. That’s sexist.

El Nathan has always professed his love and respect for women, he defends them on twitter and Facebook more than the women them self even. His tweets for criminalizing marital rape started a robust…

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3 thoughts on “@El Nathan & Manhood Shrinking Feminists

  1. Oh, this was great! Ahem, well… I have been accused a few times of emasculating someone. That is, until the day I asked him if his pen*s was attached to the rest of his body by so fine a thread it would snap that easily.


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