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The My Boy Chronicles Part 2| Interlude

Fresh! First “My boy lollipop” put down and now Her “girl lollipop” slam drop!


The Consequences Of Loving Joan

When she followed you on Twitter, you were ecstatic. It wasn’t everyday that a Coke writing shortlistee-to-be followed an anonymous account from the back waters of the Niger Delta. Modesty was key, one didn’t want to seem crude or ill-mannered. At your desk, you shrieked and danced; online you tweeted : Thanks for following back.

At first you worried that it wouldn’t last. What on earth had made such a popular, pretty lady follow a nonentity like you? It did last though, longer than you thought it would. You were hard to love and sometimes your strong minded views on christian affairs made your tweets sting the eyes of some would be followers. From time to time you checked to see if she was still there; still following you. It was never a small consolation to discover that indeed she was.

You had met her…

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