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The My Boy Chronicles. Part 1

“My boy” – Patronizing or matronizing?



[To be read in your best ‘T.D. Jakes voice.]

Now these begin the chronicles of the My Boy Saga. A story of great moral value to those who desire fame or are at risk of falling prey to it.

1. It came to pass that a certain Ngozi wrote a book called Amerikana which was widely talked about around the whole world. Many regarded it with awe and some with exasperation. As a service to the Bostonrearview, a great teacher of African literature, AB did interview Ngozi about the book. Their interview went most amicably until it happened upon the subject of new African writing and the Caine Prize.

To which, in part, Ngozi replied

“Eli was one of my boys in my workshop.”

“What’s this over-privileging of the Caine Prize anyway… it is not the arbiter of the best fiction in Africa. It’s never been. I know that Chinelo…

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