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Essential Blogger tips Part 4

Rule of Stupid

First a quick Birthday message for myspokenheart.

And we’re off…

Tip 10. Don’t do a hollywood ending.

Kill the main character. Don’t do the “they’re dead, they’re dead, oh, no, wait, their coughing, oh crap, they’re going to make it.” That is so bloody annoying. Just kill the little shit.

Having been forced through the torture of The Amazing Spiderman (aka TAS, possibly the worst “reboot” of a franchise in history) – I saw every awfulness imaginable in this Hollywood massacre.

[This movie is shit]
[There… spoiled it]

Spiderman’s dead uncle is forgotten in moments, his powers come almost immediately (he ‘learns’ his powers by skateboarding! Awfulness everywhere!), there is no ‘battle with himself’, anywhere… ever. He’s a twat.

I can’t remember many character names, perhaps due to the trauma of watching TAS, and no way in hell am I exposing myself to any more of it, so…

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