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Spammers’ delight!

Boomie Bol

A lot bring people to my blog
My name unique and strange
Matched with my big African booty

These people want badly to know me
And what it’s like to make love
To an àbíkú faerie
Possibly with pictures of a black yansh

While maintaining an attitude of gratitude
Yorùbá words appealing to their sexual lust

A lot bring people to my blog
And boy am I glad they come
Leaving with short seductive stories
To tell horny girls
Bitches who love Europe

Life issues and the many
Unfortunate plights of mankind
Slipping past their Sunday night minds

Àbíkú- wanderer child. It is the same child who dies and returns again and again to plague the mother(An ancient Yorùbá belief)
Yansh- a slang, (often considered vulgar) for booty.

*I had a good laugh looking through the search terms, and spam….this poem, albeit ridiculous was born out of it all, so…

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