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Books of Eli: Memoirs of the Archcardinal

When the eleventh hour hath come on the twentieth and sixth day of the eleventh moon which Roman stargazers dedicate to the god Janus, in fulfillment of the prophecy, a man child was untimely ripped from his mother, one clear moon before due. Upon whom hath been bestowed an kingship as hath ere been heard in the land. Vouchsafe of his father, was the rank of the Archduke and Archcardinal even according to the lineage of his father, Jenkins and his grandfather Abraham and even unto his ancestor Igo, who hath chalked his eye in the wisdom of the stars, thence he hath the imperial blood of the kings and makers of kings in the generations of yore and even unto this day. This prophecy came to pass in the hospice of St. Anthonio in the citadel of Aba, in the lands of the east, one score, ten and two…

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