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No words spoken

By Noel Ihebuzor

before and beyond Babel
that silent voice bubbles on
bounding and bouncing
in bundles of beautiful
babble that unbundle, bare
and bond me
with no words spoken
not needing nor heeding
any spoken word


***I  just read a great poem by Susan L. Daniels and it immediately prompted this spontaneous response.

Find the link to Susan’s poem


Development and policy analyst with a strong interest in the arts and inclusive social change. Dabbles occasionally into poetry and literary criticism!

13 thoughts on “No words spoken

      1. A new duet is thus born, thanks to the intial prompt by your poem. Kindly “sew” the lines together and upload –
        title? what of
        “Words beyond and before words”


      1. Blush? Emi ke? Emi ko! Just gushing with pride at the praise from talented poets like Boomie and yourself, my insides sweet (inu mi dun), skin glowing, blood rushing in every vein!


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