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My 2013 Caine Prize ShortlistTweets

Find this year’s shortlist here.

My tweets in May 2013 on each of the five submisions follow below. We now know who won and carried away the fat yam “tuber”!

  1. @ikhide Okparanta – a delicate exploration of a taboo subject spiced with one fascinating moonlight tale @StNaija

  2. @ikhide Ibrahim – shattered ribs/bones & dreams + a journey into self, soul, society, relationships & fringes of the spirit realm @StNaija

  3. @feathersproject ije enu, indeed, nwanne nkem! Oso ndi, owe ndi! where have the all “clue-full” ones gone?

  4. @StNaija Pede – Home coming for a Johnnie Just Drop (JJD), a mocking x-ray of Africa – running over with with sardonic humor @ikhide

  5. @StNaija Tope Folrain had me in stitches with the way he demolished the new cure-all xtianity! fayaaaa! @ikhide

  6. @ikhide Elnathan – street children, social neglect, juvenile criminality, election rigging and post election violence. @StNaija


Development and policy analyst with a strong interest in the arts and inclusive social change. Dabbles occasionally into poetry and literary criticism!

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