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The gravity of grafitti – wild hate singing on wide walls

By Noel Ihebuzor


Naming is dangerous, cheap

prejudice and hate,

foul the skies

with clammy paws and febrile strokes

spraying lurid ugliness

on the frames of non-consenting city walls,

obscene images and messages,

spewing and strewing hate and hurt

internal rot, riots and rages uncaged, intrusions,

extrusions ugly as rape, ragged, raging

Seeds of discord sow, soon sprout

creeping, spreading, spawning like

poisonous parasitic fungi on tired urban walls

revealing the jungle and darknesses within.

Their message?

Hate, discord and despair,

sad triplets, their grips cloud vision,

clog hearing and choke reason

as they slowly suck their victims

to ever resounding and noisy hollowness!


***Prompted by SLD’s Cultural Grafitti

Cultural Graffiti

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Sad, terribly sad. Someone should be made to account for this.


By Victor Ejike

MY BABY DIED. It is still chilling; yes I repeat my BABY DIED. My baby died in my wife’s womb after 41 weeks. Our hopes and expectations were dashed and I was totally crushed. 41 WEEKS of waiting, tender care just went like that. My wife passed through the agony and pains of pushing a stillbirth. I was told cause of death was a cord round the neck. Why didn’t the all-knowing doctors detect this on time to prevent his death?

My name is Victor Ejike. I am a recent victim of the unfair and wanton negligent practices in our healthcare system. I have decided to speak out and not let this lie low. I worked as a medical sales representative for a pharmaceutical company for more than five years. My job involves interacting with the medical team and detailing them about pharmaceutical products. There has been a lot…

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