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Hush the voice

nothing can
ever hush a voice,
not force
nor noise

nothing can
neither philistine jaws
nor grubby grouchy claws
not even green clammy creepy envy
nor raucous hollering of the loud mouthed

can choke
the delicate dimpled
dance steps of a voice
strumming, sometimes
fluttering, then prancing, now leaping
soft, delicate, yet piercing

rich in energy
strolling with poise
overflowing with force
brimming with sense

like joyful water jets
from a dam
fresh, full, gushing,
flowing, freeing and renewing,

inventing and reinventing
For Obinna and Susan, two talented voices!


Development and policy analyst with a strong interest in the arts and inclusive social change. Dabbles occasionally into poetry and literary criticism!

9 thoughts on “Hush the voice

  1. Noel–gosh, thanks! Now you need to write a poem about making white people blush–nah, don’t bother–we don’t go anywhere nearly as beautiful as the blackberry Celestine was describing. Pity. You just turned me into a tomato. See? Not poetry. I am dedicating this to you, too, as it is a joy to hear my duet partner string his words together this morning! For once my insomnia has been richly rewarded! Beautiful! By the way, if your muse is cooperating, you should join us in our inspiration chain–would really enjoy hearing your voice join in!


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