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Reform the Middle East

When Arab voters left for the election pools, they went to test their “faith” and choose between “heaven” and “hell,” as if ballot boxes have become Saint Peter, where democracy is portrays as a western conspiracy and “Islam is the Solution.”[1]

Otherwise known as “thieves of revolutions,” fundamental parties have come to power in record time, surpassing any major election campaign in democratic countries. They exploited the people’s need for change in their efforts to gain support for their sudden political emergence, and while the fundamental eye sees democracy as a fad, “necessities permit prohibits,” as they preach.

Thus, the notion of an “Arab Spring” has become a bogus one, when it comes to fundamentalists ruling countries and implementing their ideologies, under the name of democracy.

What is happening in Egypt today, for instance, in the wake of the Brotherhood’s seizure of power, is…

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