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Yahoo-Yahoo is in!

Yahoo-Yahoo boys and girls have given yahoo a bad name and brand in Nigeria. They are bad news. They are scammers. They promise what they cannot deliver and what they never intended to deliver. They exploit their unsuspecting victims’ credulity. They take from their victims and run. And they feel no sense of guilt. They are amoral persons with atrophied souls and desiccated consciences. If you fall for their hollow phony lies and promises, then you are a mugu. Too bad for you. Typical ndi nwepu – they take and they run. They are like leeches – they stick on their victims and suck their blood..

Lately, public governance, politics and politicians are beginning to operate like Yahoo-yahoo. Promise but do not deliver. Politicians promise then they deny that they ever promised. The conned victim is made to look doubly foolish, someone claiming what never really transpired and someone anxious to blame innocent politicians and long suffering public servants for his/her laziness. Where is the world heading to? Who shall we believe? Who shall we turn to? Amadioha, why are you quiet? Ala, what happened to your legs and hands?

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Two Poems by Noel Ihebuzor

Poem 1 – What you saw

You say you saw

patterns heave and dance

you say you saw them 

weave and leave

No one else says they saw

what you say you saw

just you with your diamond

periwinkle eyes

at the three quarter corner of night 

when straggler angels

flee the light of the returning day

Yours was a vision 

filled with emptiness

where bleached blankness

empties all other visions 

hollowing vision and vision

Poem 2 – New Jungles

The jungle always 

half dormant 

wakes up and a new day

dawns, slowly

Sounds soon crowd out silence 

prophets see dimly

but their rising voices 

soon outdo agberos

In this space, 

a life is worth 

three sparrows

In this place, 

men combine religion and region

creed with breed

in the service 

of a contest  fueled by need 

and sustained by greed

Locked in  their frenzied contest

the wrestlers have locked out sense

the present overwhelms the past 

drowns the future 

and yesterday’s smiles 

wake up in today’s 

tired sheets 

Uncertain saints

self beatify, uncertain of outcomes 

as uncertified foul odor

floods the present 

overwhelms the air pregnant with hope

nourished by dope

while in stained corridors,

stunted elves dance and sway

waving a medley of signs and symbols

crescent, cross and stars

and I sensed I heard the moon howl

Predators now prance like Simba

the lion king

the story teller casts

his charmed beads around legs, heads

hips, feet and heels held by hope 

but fettered by dope