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Yahoo-Yahoo is in!

Yahoo-Yahoo boys and girls have given yahoo a bad name and brand in Nigeria. They are bad news. They are scammers. They promise what they cannot deliver and what they never intended to deliver. They exploit their unsuspecting victims’ credulity. They take from their victims and run. And they feel no sense of guilt. They are amoral persons with atrophied souls and desiccated consciences. If you fall for their hollow phony lies and promises, then you are a mugu. Too bad for you. Typical ndi nwepu – they take and they run. They are like leeches – they stick on their victims and suck their blood..

Lately, public governance, politics and politicians are beginning to operate like Yahoo-yahoo. Promise but do not deliver. Politicians promise then they deny that they ever promised. The conned victim is made to look doubly foolish, someone claiming what never really transpired and someone anxious to blame innocent politicians and long suffering public servants for his/her laziness. Where is the world heading to? Who shall we believe? Who shall we turn to? Amadioha, why are you quiet? Ala, what happened to your legs and hands?


Development and policy analyst with a strong interest in the arts and inclusive social change. Dabbles occasionally into poetry and literary criticism!

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