Whosoever came up with these words is wise, whosoever reads, retains and reflects the wisdom in these words is made wiser!

1. ARROGANCE is just insecurity dressed up in a tuxedo trying to make others believe it’s something it’s not.

2. ARROGANCE takes a king from hail to fail… from the crown to the ground… from the throne to alone… but humility increases his name.

3. ARROGANCE is just Idiocy with muscles.

4. ARROGANCE and Ignorance are a lethal combination. It should be illegal for Proud & Dumb to share the same address.

5. ARROGANCE can’t learn, because it thinks it already knows.

6. ARROGANCE in a season of success almost guarantees humiliation in the season that follows.

7. Never let ARROGANCE intimidate you. May it teach you what you should never do.

8. ARROGANCE most times is simply Low Self Esteem in Kingly garment.

9. Confidence is when you think you’re right. ARROGANCE is when you think you’re the only right one.

10. ARROGANCE in attitude is as a result of a deeper stench in the soul.


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