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House with many rooms


Noel Ihebuzor


In Baba’s house are many rooms

Kitchen, bedrooms, sitting room and

no room for doubt since Baba said so


each room with clear functions

with defined assignees…..

all who enter know the rules and their roles

though some daintily feign ignorance


room access is defined by gender

walls though thin are not permeable,

partitions incapable of shatter


room for roaming arguments

for roaming hands rejoicing

at successful negotiation and fresh possession


room for seasoning, for sliced rumps,

for tenderizing thighs and breasts

room for romps


No room for reasoning, these

function rooms with known functions

mixing or ignoring functions amounts to treason


In Baba’s house,

there are rooms for men only,

women only rooms

and unisex rooms for celebrating new acquisitions

strategic additions


we and all must respect….


rooms for duty bearers and service providers,

rooms for husbands, rights holders,

where lambs yield passage,

sob and go, broken,

rapture almost for one,

rupture for the other


All appears well

for and between two bodies,

strangers in one room,

on one bed


Almost, except that after exchange 1

hungers now elongate in one,

fatigue grows in the other,

meal share now a fatigue


for the first meals in this room

(shearing for one,

cheering for the other)

are not cooked

in the kitchen but

in this same room, the other room

the leveler room


Development and policy analyst with a strong interest in the arts and inclusive social change. Dabbles occasionally into poetry and literary criticism!

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