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Please bear with me

Some of you may have tried to reach me on phone in the last 24 hours and


Please bear with me. We have been without light in my estate for the past

48 hours, my generator packed up two days earlier and my cell phone

batteries finally ran out this morning. And in the immediate, I cannot

afford to go solar.

Please bear with me and join me in praying for light to be restored.

Since the new buzz is #changebeginswithme, I have now completely overhauled

and adjusted my expectations of this government. It is now one of

resignation. “Nemo dat quod non habet” hold true in law as in life.

I am also in the process of changing my attitude to the stories by this

change government to make it more unquestioning and accepting of its

narratives for the reasons why things are in this sad state that they are.

Please bear with me for the inability to communicate by phone. Who needs a

cell phone any way? Was there not life before the cell phone?

May God lead us through this valley of tears, amen!