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Contrasts and contradictions


Noel A. Ihebuzor

Sometimes when I read our print media or listen to remarks and commentaries on electronic media, the following thoughts and expressions flash through my mind:

  • The banality of trivia
  • The absurdity of pettiness
  • The debility of assumed grandeur
  • The inanity of affected class
  • The profundity of shallowness
  • The arrogance of ignorance
  • The emptiness of arrogance
  • The deceitfulness of self-ascribed innocence
  • The shallowness of assumed depth

In many ways, the thoughts and their structural expressions borrow heavily from Barrack Obama ground breaking book – The audacity of Hope, but whereas the inspiring structure is made up of an association of two positives – Audacity and Hope, these expressions are not.