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Second Sunday of Advent 2015


Noel Ihebuzor


Great readings for this Sunday of advent.  Five take-aways for me –

  • Reassuring and repeating themes and messages in all the readings and the psalm – our future will be better than our present and broken hopes will be restored.
  • A reminder for us to be grateful to God (even in our current hardships) for the many gifts He has bestowed on us. Many more are coming. Let us hang in there in faith, hope and charity. Salvation is round the corner.
  • An invitation for us all to prepare for the coming of our Savior.
  • A call for us to remove all obstacles that stand between us and the coming of our savior.
  • A cheering announcement of the imminence of the arrival in our hearts and hearths of His Eminence, our Lord and Savior.

All five have an appeal for the dire times the people of Nigeria are currently going through – times marked by ever changing promises, policy vagueness, reneging of assurances that were freely, distortions and accelerating slide to despondency.

Warm greetings from cold, damp and windy Manchester.