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Buhari’s Speech at Chatham House (Full Video and Full Text)

well rehearsed speech, interesting for what the speech writers included but more interesting for what they excluded!

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10 thoughts on “Buhari’s Speech at Chatham House (Full Video and Full Text)

  1. Give us examples of what Buhari’s speech writers failed to include.
    General Buhari has spoken extensively about his time as military head of state( or military dictatorship as he candidly admitted) and has taken full responsibility for all actions taken by his government. I admire him for never giving up on his quest to return to the pinnacle of power. It simply takes somebody uniquely strong to do something of this nature. I do wish him the best. And President Jonathan too.


    1. @ Ekuson, since you ask, here are one of two important details that were either excluded or glossed over or deliberately skipped over by the speech writers as necessary parts of para 5 of that speech.
      “I overthrew an elected government and inflicted the worst form of brutal dictatorship on an already broken people. I trampled on civil rights with the greatest disdain for decency, gave vent to my capacity for cruelty and callousness by claiming that I was being corrective and showed a willingness to violate international laws and even the sovereignty of the UK all in my search for a personal vendetta. Since being overthrown by another set of soldiers, I have sought power by all means. I even served under General Abacha. Under his regime I betrayed my lack of capacity for leadership and ineptitude in fund and project management as one of the worst financial heists was committed by the Afri-Projects Consortium right under my nose as head of PTF. When confronted with the facts of this heist, my defense was that I was aware of it but that I made no personal gains from it! Incidentally, I have in recent times had to speak up to exonerate Sanni Abachi from charges of corruption – so great is my surviving belief in the cleanliness of military regimes. Since the speech writers have very good reasons to know that views such as these would not fly with a significant number of persons in this distinguished audience, these truths have been excluded!”


    2. RESPONSE 2
      Here is another of what was excluded – as part of para 15!
      “I have on numerous occasions made utterances which betrayed my extremist religious inclinations and which gave away my sympathies for the Boko Haram terrorists. These utterances were such as to discourage any government’s bold response to these religious fundamentalists whose methods and aspirations are similar to those of ISIS/ISIL but I cannot confess to these at this meeting without running the risk of being booed off stage. I have also turned down an invitation to serve on a multi-partisan team set up to respond to the BH insurgency, preferring to make political gains at the expense of the suffering people of my country”.


    3. @EKUSON Response 3
      This would have made para 16 more factual

      “I will conceal from this distinguished audience my knowledge of the multi-dimensional counter-terrorism policy of the federal government (CVE) which was developed by a multi-stakeholder working group under the leadership of our national security adviser, Col Dasuki Sambo, who incidentally spoke at Chatham House this January. This policy is being systematically applied as the country under the leadership of President Jonathan has now reversed the military gains of BH, regained battlefield supremacy and is now gradually tightening the noose around the neck of the BH insurgents to the embarrassment and discomfiture of BH sympathizers and apologists”.


  2. @Ekusons 4 – this would situate para 17 better and explain some of Buhari’s inactions in moments of national need.

    “When it pays me, I do allow problems to fester and get out of control as I did during post election violence of 2011 when I sat by quietly and fiddled whilst the country burnt and innocent Nigerians, especially young men and women in their service year, were slaughtered like lambs and I refused to restrain my followers who were the identified authors of this carnage”!

    Read as part of para 21

    “Please ignore the fact that the HDI has been on the rise since 2011, a trend that is indicative of the success of the macroeconomic policies of the government in power. Forget also that FDI is on the increase and that Nigeria, under this administration, is now the destination of choice in Africa for most foreign investors. Please also overlook the huge successes we have made in the agriculture sector and the bold youth employment schemes this government has embarked on. Forgive me too, if you have noted that in an effort to paint the government in power in bad colors, I have been guilty of some inconsistencies in this speech. It is a hazard that comes with power hunger”.


  3. after para 24

    “I have benefitted extensively from the support of a number of new political associates who deserve the highest places of honor in global corruption’s hall of fame and I would be ungrateful if I failed to protect these persons. Let me therefore reassure them that in my administration, their loots and prosperity will be safe”.

    This should complete para 26 as proof of competence and capacity to deliver

    “My experience as an entrepreneur who has led a number of successful private sector wealth creation initiatives since being retired from the army will be an asset I will be drawing on to lead the country to the prosperity I talk about”.


  4. I did not expect to read a whole essay in response to a rather simple question. You have conveniently listed a litany of irrelevant actions which have absolutely no bearing on the fact that, today , we are saddled with a leader who is least prepared for the office he currently occupies. Interesting that you’d bring up the fact that the military only recently reversed the gains made by Boko Haram only as a gift to shore up Jonathan’s chances at the poll.Isn’t this at least 5 years too late? Let us face the fact that Jonathan has tried his best and it is not good at all. All this talk of the largest economy in Africa (with hardly any infrastructure to show for it) will not fly with some of us reasonable Southerners.Clearly this is not the want we are looking for.I am rather surprised that you claim that brush with Umaru Dikko as a personal agenda. No wonder your camp has allowed corruption to fester to a booming industry and a drain in the economy.Surely we must set forth at dawn before too late.


  5. @Ekusons
    Dear reasonable southerner, you forgot to define relevant actions which have a bearing on Buhari’s presidential quest. I wait for you to define these. A man’s past is part of his present – you cannot run away from that fact. Indeed,you first comment on this blog recognised that fact and even Buhari’s speech writers touched on that but in such a clever by half way to disguise the atrocities and abuses associated with that past. I do not mean any offence but can I remind you that infrastructural presence is not the only indicator of an economy in rapid growth phase. The Umar Dikko saga was driven by a personal agenda – if you are sufficiently familiar with the history of this country, you will know this. Corruption festering to a booming industry? well said, reasonable southerner – but if you look well enough, you will find that Buhari’s new associates are all super gold medalists in this area of infamy. Good effort to demonstrate erudition by quoting from the title of Soyinka’s book but those who must set out at dawn must a-priori brush away the cobwebs of sleep and hazy vision from their eyes and crusts of thought control from their brains. Finally, must you sully the reputation of the army in your efforts to give a twisted interpretation to our current military successes? Free your mind, reasonable southerner, and then use it.


    1. I take it that your campaign against Buhari is based on emotions and nothing else. Remember that it is your own people that said , “Echi di ime( meaning literally that nobody knows what tomorrow holds). In the event of a Buhari victory I take it that you’ll be prepared to leave the country for good, given the virulent nature of your opposition to his candidacy.


      1. So typical! Fail to respond to issues but claw and clutch at straws. Bye, reasonable southerner that just passed up an opportunity to demonstrate an ability to reason. Enjoy your support of Buhari and your obvious suspension of reason.


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