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Situation Critical: Defeating Boko Haram 3a – Rationale for ACTION NOW!

My aburo and personal person, Ier, saying it and saying it well!

Ier Jonathan

I must apologise. My tomorrow became three days after tomorrow – I can only say I had writer’s overload…when there is so much to say that you need to actually figure out how you are going to put it without overwhelming and boring your readers. Please bear with me. This is going to take longer than usual but this matter could mean life and death for you, me, our children and our very future. So I will build up to what we must do. You will forgive me as I split this up into Parts 3a, 3b and maybe even 3c (for publishing later this week). I hope you agree with me that this is too too important. Our lives and our very future depends on this.

First, a summary of Parts 1 & 2:

To defeat Boko Haram, we must first acknowledge that we have an intensely dangerous problem…

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