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She Might Have Ebola: 5 Questions

I would have laughed if the situation and attitudes described were not so so sad!

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By now you know about Ebola. You know it is probably more feared than terrorism.  So, really, if you are going to travel for any reason to areas where Ebola is/was prevalent, you should be prepared to endure 21 days of suspicion upon your return (21 days is the maximum Ebola incubation period). All will be fairly well and good if after 21 days you do not show any Ebola symptoms.

Within the last two weeks, I have had to travel to two countries in West Africa. One has had no case of Ebola at all. The other – Nigeria –  was declared Ebola free by WHO last week. Despite that, I am still a suspect of the Ebola virus (slightly understandably). I returned to work in the UK office this morning and within an hour I had been indirectly asked five ‘important’ questions by some of my colleagues. In case…

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