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25th Sunday in Ordinary time – my cut-aways from today’s readings in the Catholic liturgy


Noel A Ihebuzor

Today’s reading from the catholic liturgy are rich and deal essentially with God’s love and the injunction that we should all seekthe Lord now. Permit me to share my cut aways from these readings with you. The messages are simple and and the commands do-able in our crowded world. All we need really is to make out time and open our hearts to these simple messages.

Let us seek the lord, now and always.

Let us seek now that He may be found

Let us seek the Lord now that we have time.

Time waits for nobody.

Seek God today! Call God today! He is near to all who call on Him.

There is an appointed time for everything under the heavens.

This is our time to seek the Lord.

God is generous in mercy and compassion.

Our life today is proof of God’s love, mercy, protection and compassion.

God is slow to anger and full of great kindness.

(I can testify to God’s unfailing kindness – Four weeks ago, there was a fire accident in my home in Abuja. In my depths and in my sinfulness, I called to God. He heard me. He hastened to my rescue. He rescued my son from death. Two days ago, two of his siblings, mummy and myself “escorted” the boy to commence his degree studies in the UK, 96% healed. God is good indeed. Call Him. I called Him. He answered. He always answers. He will answer you.)

God’s mercy and compassion are beyond human understanding

God’s mercy and economics defy human logic.

The parable of the workers’ wages overflows with an overpowering logic of equity and fairness

The simplicity of God’s logic and economics contains deep truths.

God’s love economy is driven by deeper eternal and liberating principles

God’s love economy is suffused by constancy, consistency, timelessness and universality.

Some humans would want to impose limited human logic on God.

We must never be envious because God is generous.

To live like God is gain even when it feels like pain

All the works of God and His logic are holy and “correct”

Let us imitate God today in fairness, in compassion, in love and in generosity.

Let us magnify God and spread His core message of Love.

Let us fly the tricolor of Faith, Hope and Charity in all our actions.

Happy Sunday – Noel