chai, chei, choi! A winner any day!


If you are one of those following the Nigerian music scene then you would have heard about Phyno. You would also know that Phyno raps mostly in Igbo. And has become one of those who have made Igbo catch phrases not only pop but hip!

You may be one of those who wants to plug into this hip culture but you just don’t know when and how to use these phrases. Especially, if you use social media you may find these phrases added as an exclamation or an interjection and you may wonder what to do about them. Well, fret no more, cos you’ll find right here 10+ hip Igbo catch phrases and how to use them.

Who hasn’t met this dear friend? “Odiegwu” is often used sarcastically when someone has said something that makes you shake your head in wonder. It means ‘wonderful’.

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