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BAT on BH and security


Noel Ihebuzor

Bola Ahmed Tinubu gave a revealing lecture on the 30th June 2014.

Politicians are allowed to mount podiums at will and to try to use every opportunity to score political points against their perceived opponents. But every mature politician is also expected to put national security and interests ahead of narrow partisan and self promotional interests. I am concerned that BAT has not done this in his take on the origins of BH, in spite of this efforts to nuance his views in the said speech. He politicked with the BH issue and because he chose to politick with such a painful national issue, he also deliberately chose to tell a single, simple and flat monochrome story of the origins of this national plague. The single story, an attempt to explain BH origins largely by appeals to misrule and social injustice, is not only inaccurate but is pathetic and patently misleading.

Reading this take on BH, I get this strong feeling that BAT has lost it completely. Becoming an apologist for BH as he does in the main body of this speech is a clear indication of either a willingness to court the “North” at whatever costs or of a deliberate choice to delink with reality and good sense or both. The social and political costs of this choice for him will be major and can only worsen a sad situation created when he stepped on his own tongue by lashing out at the Obas.  Time will tell, but BAT’s handlers need to a better job either in restraining him or in managing his utterances.


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2 thoughts on “BAT on BH and security

  1. Whilst agreeing with you completely on your comments on BAT and BH, I thought you dealt on the subject generally not confronting specifics. But dealing with specifics is the style your readers so admire and perhaps are entitled to take for granted in your critiques. You must have your reasons. To blame poverty and misrule as being solely responsible for BH is easy and cheap. There exists “Area Boys” in Lagos for instance but haven’t gone into blood-letting orgy like BH are involved in. The driving force of BH in my opinion is RIP not rest in peace but religion in politics.


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