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I sing dandelion seeds

lines that breathe, words that perfume the ear….prose poetry!

Susan Daniels Poetry

My chrysanthemum/daisy/buttercup bouquet in a shoebox is a love poem.  I open it for you, smiling, but you see only the yellows, not the asters that are my eyes.  I sing dandelion seeds, each note touching your face.  You brush it away, this music that is felt, that tickles, that tangles in your hair.  I bring you violets and call them haiku.

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6 Presidential-Campaign Themes Hillary Clinton Is Test-Driving

Starting Early!


Hillary Clinton only spoke for a few minutes Thursday night, beside stone columns lit with red and blue lights, and before an iPhone-toting crowd that had gathered to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Center for American Progress. But her words were unmistakably those of a politician who had not yet retired from the electoral game.

She criticized Congress for “careening from crisis to crisis instead of having a plan” and attacked the “scorched earth” politics of the modern age. She praised progressives for pushing “the cause of affordable, quality health care for every American back on the national agenda,” and spoke of her many decades in the trenches of politics. “At the end of the Clinton Administration,” she said, “I knew that if we didn’t have an infrastructure in place to continue to build on what had been accomplished and to hold the line on any efforts at retrenchment…

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