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A song for the Girl Child


Noel A. Ihebuzor

Ekwe, ogenes and udus

from a dawning new day

play a sombre serenade,

whispering and suggesting

new worlds, new possibilities

and on the waking skies, words inscribed

on a rainbow-ed horizon hum

your amazing qualities of universal verity

Sister, daughter, seed carrier,

Future assurer, energiser, builder,

Calmer, softener, sweetener, peace maker

The tunes stir and wake you

you rise, a flower about to blossom

and gaze in sober silence at the signs scripted

in golden sprinkles on the aprons of  a dawning day,

your smile of innocence splays the sky

salutes the dawn and sprays the new day

with fragrances of hope and possibilities

And the rainbow-ed horizon hum on their truths

Sower, harvester, protector, shock absorber, sufferer

Nurturer, Nurse, first responder, stabiliser,  

Keeper, organiser, model, inspirer, teacher,

And I thought I saw a new smile kiss your face,

saw in that smile the dancing hopes

of glow filled futures for all

if culture and gender

do not suffocate the seeds you carry within for all

and in this dawning morning,

where hope sang to my anxious ears

and possibilities danced and beckoned

I prayed in silence for the world

to nurture and cultivate

the generous seeds of transferable greatness

that nature has richly embedded in your bosom

and your fertile and supple mind

so that we all could harvest from it

a future of gladness and greatness

**Adding my raucous voice to those celebrating this year’s (2013) day of the girl child.  Not the best of songs, but the intention should redeem all its imperfections



Development and policy analyst with a strong interest in the arts and inclusive social change. Dabbles occasionally into poetry and literary criticism!

25 thoughts on “A song for the Girl Child

    1. Thanks, Susan. Seems like only yesterday when we twinned our voices to condemn childBride, the theme of last year’s day of the girl child. I also recall Zoe’s vivid song!

      1. Yeah, Susan, that was a winner and one of our best! But come to think of it, all our duets were winners. Magic happens each time I had the privilege to twin voices with a great poet like you.
        O se, dalu, Imela, Sanu, asante sana, merci beaucoup!

  1. Very impressive and thought provoking sir. Sounds familiar to what I know you to be. A supporter of development of the girl child any day. God bless you sir. I love the poem

  2. Great ! Give a girl child a pencil not a penis! Give her a book not bride price! Thanks Dede for ur poem!

  3. Looking forward to seeing your collection of enchanting poems in a book collection soon. You are doing very well.

  4. Noel, i didn’t know you have also become a poet.Sure Mr Garrod will be
    chuckling if he reads this piece.

    1. NTC! Remember the Inch Cape Rock and Bishop Hatto we read in 1964 at Ogssian. Garri was such an influence but so was Messers Oniniwu and Bassey.
      The passport of Mallam Illia – Usuman and Shansi! Those were the good old days!

  5. Great praise for the girl child, for young damsels,for womanhood. They sure deserve all you said and more.

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