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By Noel A. Ihebuzor



When we signed and swore

to soar,


for better, for worse,

the moons have now since faded, dimmed

stars twinkle less bright,


on a sky blanketed by our  mutual misery

our nights now filled by this burgeoning void

that is us


the flames died slowly,

smoke filled our empty eyes, red blank

our tongues broken, wooden

our ears drowned by the din of our inner voices


And us two in tow,

now sour and bitter

bride and groom no more

rather through your assured lenses –

pride and groom,

through my lenses, clean and clear –

bride and gloom


We now dance to blame songs

two souls in discord

dancing to drumbeats of doom, singing

“your fault not mine, my love, your lust;

My trust, your rust;  my care, your tear”

we sing so well, nourished

by a slow low constant flame of pain
our emotions lame and crippled,
bitterness slowly freezing

frying our insides, as enlarging cold rage
fractures our world and hardens

borders and boundaries


We match and trade barbs of mutual hurt

And we march forward backwards,

bent and bitten,

weary and wary

on a broken road,

saddled, burdened

with loads and worries

not love, on our broken battered shoulders

and souls


Development and policy analyst with a strong interest in the arts and inclusive social change. Dabbles occasionally into poetry and literary criticism!

10 thoughts on “Uncoupling

  1. we did the wrong way
    now i see what eros hide
    i smell eros and hate it
    i shudder at the touch of it
    i hate the wispers of eros

    maybe if philia came first
    she does not weary easily
    she grows
    she glows

    today whats weighing us down
    would be aggape
    our true love


    1. Patricia, this is beautiful. You must publish this lovely poem.
      Just one suggestion – consider changing the lines of the third stanza thus

      today what would have anchored us, sheltered us, in our many storms of discord
      would have been agape
      the rock of true love

      Agape thus do not weigh down, you see! It frees and liberates genuine love.


    1. You say it so well, Susan. Sad thing is that when things go sour, people persist in multiplying sadness, in spreading further hurt instead of distancing with decorum and restraint.


  2. Hi Noel, U really are a good poet with just one flaw, YOUR PUNCTUATIONS. Please handle this aspect of your poetry so your works can be masterpieces. Good work man!


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