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Madonna vs Joyce Banda: Celebrity Deathmatch (Philanthropy Edition)

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madonna-malawi-1We had been studiously avoiding coverage of Madonna’s latest trip to Malawi, but such is the deliciousness of the excoriating 11-point press release put out yesterday by Joyce Banda that we couldn’t resist wading in. These two had previous — Madonna’s people had scapegoated Banda’s sister over a botched school project — and the latest visit was something of a surprise as the singer was widely supposed to have been declared persona non grata. Last week Madonna sent Banda a weird overfamiliar hand-scrawled note which seemed to piss Banda off to the extent that she immediately leaked it. Finally, enraged by Madonna’s whining to the international press about having to check in on departure at the airport in Lilongwe, Africa’s second female president totally lost it and laid down the presidential smackdown with a furiously sarcastic tirade in which she lectured the would-be do-gooder on the meaning of kindness…

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3 thoughts on “Madonna vs Joyce Banda: Celebrity Deathmatch (Philanthropy Edition)

  1. I read about this in the News and I think this matter was blown out of proportion. That being said I also think Madonna was very disrespectful to the President. Did you get to see the useless excuse of a letter she sent to the president?
    I was annoyed! For GOD sake,it was a letter to a President. Couldn’t she have sent something more presentable? It showed a lack of respect for Malawi and the President as well.


    1. Thanks, Audrina. I agree with you. I am Igbo and we have a proverb which says “the person who brings in ant infested fire wood into his/her home should not complain whenn lizards pay him/her a visit”. We invite these insults by our dependence. Let us fix Africa and all these insults will vanish.


  2. Yes I agree. Most Africans bring this kind of insult and situations on themselves. Its sad and unfortunate,but I know very soon all that will change. A generation (our generation) will rise and rid Africa of all the (old) Useless leaders and corruption that has plagued us for so long. Very soon I tell you. I just feel it.


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