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Nzesylva's Corner

oga at the top We laughed, my god, we did.

First the laughter was out of shock, then of course we were disgusted and laughter came in handy in dousing our collective disappointment. Then we got creative on both web and mobile and more laughter ensued. Then it got ridiculous and painfully banal. Gradually, it turned into a proclamation of self-righteousness and then, we lost it.

Some are still laughing though, they have a right to I must admit but by the time we are done laughing, by the time it is all silent again and our eyes that has leaked tears as we chocked in laughter are now dry, we will come to the realisation that in many ways there is a Commander Shem of various forms in all of us and we have essentially been simply laughing at ourselves.

If what we crucify Mr Obafaiye Shem for is ignorance and incompetence following…

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