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Beautiful poetry by Susan. A must read! Prompted this clumsy reaction – your song, Susan
floats softly like feather strokes
flashing like the dazzle of white teeth
on darkened Serre gums
how such tender caresss words still cut
like a sharp serrated knife,
piercing deep, stroking and stoking
is the paradox of a song
that blows, glows, warms and melts
all at once, four as once

Susan Daniels Poetry

if i could stretch my spirit
to where you are, i would haunt you
through the door we call dreaming

but it is difficult to spin a strand of self
that far, so instead i will call you here
sculpted of shadow where i want skin

sometimes distance is distance
& sometimes longing feels a little bit like loss.
perhaps we will dream an us together,
want drawn by want to a place where desire
is answered by touch, tangible
& real as the weight of your mouth moving over mine,
the heat of your breathing.

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