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Life as Lived unity

By Noel Ihebuzor

Life as lived unity

Life lives, breathes and shimmers as one

straddling frames and fields

defying puny encapsulation and attempts

to frame it in packets and pockets of

disparate silos by all knowing experts of life and knowledge


The headache, the heart that hurts

the aching tooth, the limping male

the faulty erection, the cutting tongue,

the poisoned fist, the knowing wink


All are biology, theology, psychology and sociology

economics, mathematics and physics

philosophy and politics fused

presenting as one seamless affirmation of being

flowing interlinked and defying our knowledge boundaries and silos


In our quest to know,

we now crawl on knowledge frontiers we drew

isolating, magnifying detail and specks

deepening, tunnelling with absorbing fixity

never remembering to put them back again

ignoring organic essentials,

confusing parts for whole, minutiae an obsession

missing thus the deep truth, that life

is about unity, a mosaic bathed in diversity

but blended in wholeness

a wholeness which our un-whole methods

drowned in singular vision make us miss


*** This poem celebrates the successful completion of a project with my duet partner, the wonderful multi-talented poet SLD,  where we explored the application of physics to life and living and discovered in the process that subject boundaries were not as rigid as we had imagined. Rather we found a certain fluidity and an epistemic universe without borders! This song is my effort to say that and came to me after I uploaded the last in our series of Fizzy feeloig and fuzzy physics. Enjoy!


Development and policy analyst with a strong interest in the arts and inclusive social change. Dabbles occasionally into poetry and literary criticism!

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