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Changed signs and times

By Ochi Emma Opara

…the native Doctor’s beads and amulets
have changed hands and name.
the ogene has remained; even as a bell.
that accompanies the new seers
who dread Friday meat.
My nostrils succumb to the stench of incense
 moving in studied direction,
like a four way pendulum
chasing the devil away.
Born – again Ebenezer says
it is the sign of the cross,
challenging my ignorance that saw my village cross road –
Mgbabo eje eri aja.
The dancers changed indeed.
Sure they changed,
leaving the music intact.
Eloi, eloi…….
****A poem by my friend & classmate Ochi Emma Opara in response to my poem Ogbanje III


Development and policy analyst with a strong interest in the arts and inclusive social change. Dabbles occasionally into poetry and literary criticism!

3 thoughts on “Changed signs and times

  1. Deep religious imagery…showing the question we have refused to ask. Did we really change our traditional religion or was it just and upgrade?

    I was searching for poetry to speak and decided to stop by. I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed.


    1. Nsisong, Thanks for dropping by. Ochi writes good poetry! What we are witnessing is a revival of a worrying syncretism in our religious lives in Nigeria. The residual and the emergent (I am using terms from Raymond William’s study on culture) co-habit in the minds of a lot of people.


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