8 thoughts on “Haiku – Ogbanje II

  1. Thanks, Susan.
    It is heart breaking, this spirit child who comes and goes and who frustrates her mother with such empty and emptying visits.
    JP Clark and Wole Soyinka both treat the same theme and you will find the two poems in the link – Soyinka is first – noblesse oblige – he won the Nobel prize for literature and you will have to scroll several pages down to find JP Clark’s. The two poets are different in temperament and the poems bring this difference out so starkly!
    I have also attached another write up on Abiku – Abiku means the same thing in yoruba as Ogbanje in Igbo!


      1. Not bad, although I feel I am not writing enough for the travel blog as much as I do for The Hotpepperpot. Was travelling past two weeks and have a lot to write on but I think, have encountered a bit of writer’s block. Your blog is a great inspiration.


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