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The politician


Noel Ihebuzor

The voice of the politician

is the same color

as that of the chameleon,

a voice  the color of which 

blends with wherever and every where

binds the unwary

blinds truths


his voice, his color and the likes of him

are the same as those of the environment

always changing, never constant, flowing like a river

slippery, his rolling tongue seeks to seduce,

confuse,  deceive and  ensnare,


The leopard free rides the plains

in zebra stripes

the hawk sings in the soft voice

of the dove, predation perfecting

preying on innocence and trust


The stench of his urine

stains the perfumed air of innocence

the stink of his empty words

mirrors the rot within

reflects the same emptiness

that fills his soul and being

the hollow nothingness of his person


Development and policy analyst with a strong interest in the arts and inclusive social change. Dabbles occasionally into poetry and literary criticism!

7 thoughts on “The politician

  1. Noel, I love this! Well, if one can love the characterization of a voice that blinds, blends & binds–truly the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Too bad we can’t cage such animals as these. Really like the leopard/zebra, hawk/dove predation image. The use of scent here is also arresting. Strong poem!


  2. you are lucky you live where your can speak your mind freely, sir. I feel you did not finish the song. please add more stanzas to the song. Its way too short . In africa we sing good meanigful songs all night long. LYKE it.


      1. I don’t think so.
        To me you talked of three sensory systems only .
        Sound, sight, swell,
        How about feel and test.
        I live with the worst kind
        You follow Nigerian politics with a passion
        Thats why i expected more.
        Gee , I becoming your follower Chief! lol


  3. Patricia, now you have got me really thinking. Will certainly have a crack at something that appeals to the senses of feel and taste in the profile of a politician. Problems with these two is that the poet must make out that he or she has felt or tasted the politician – a thought which is repulsive in itself! but I will try.
    Thanks for the inspiration.


  4. Still very relevant and true today. The voice with the tenacity to not only echo different tunes at different cardinal points but also twists and turns like the swords of a samurai.


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